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Viiic Design logoThe name Viiic!! is my nickname and it is short for Victor. My friends and cousins would yell out my name every time they would see me and the name stuck. Being a visual person, I decided to write out the name on paper to see how it would look and the final result would become known as Viiic!!
The eye logo started as a sketch. While I was browsing through some old comic books I noticed this eye with a look of shock and it really stood out to me. The eye evoked surprise, mystery, and had a look of astonishment. I adapted this eye image and combined it with my nickname to come up with my logo.

I am currently working as a freelance designer creating websites, logos, illustrations, music and other forms of print and web media. You can contact me at if you want to network, ask a question or hire me.
Thanks for checking out my site!